The Master of Laws (LLM) Degree – A Guide

Are you a regulation graduate interested in more advanced education? Or a prison professional seeking to focus on a specific branch of judicial concept? You might also wish to recall a Master of Laws (LLM).

We’ve put together a easy overview of the LLM diploma on this web page. You can study approximately course content, application requirements and find out whether a Master of Laws is proper for you.

For recommendation on other qualifications, test out our complete manual to postgraduate law publications or discover approximately one-of-a-kind Masters diploma kinds.

Changes to qualifying as a solicitor
The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) become added in September 2021 as a manner of simplifying the qualification technique for aspiring solicitors. It will correctly replace the Legal Practice Course (LPC), although there’s a transitional period until 2032 for the duration of which the ones who have already all started their prison schooling can qualify underneath the previous route. If you need to qualify as a solicitor, it’s well worth checking whether or not your selected LLM programme features an detail of SQE education.

What is an LLM?
The LLM is a Masters in Law. Most are taught tiers, however a few may have studies factors.

Master of Laws (LLM)
Type Taught / Research
Subjects Law
Qualification Level 7 (NQF)
Length 1-2 years
Credit Value 180 CATS / ninety-120 ECTS
Availability Worldwide

The term ‘LLM’ stands for Legum Magister, which is Latin for ‘Master of Laws’. The diploma is a historic and nicely established prison qualification, recognized in better education structures around the world.

An LLM is a non-expert qualification. You don’t want an LLM qualification to exercise regulation, however the superior training and know-how you’ll benefit can make you greater attractive to regulation firms.

Most programmes are quite specialised, permitting you to study a selected department of law extensive.

This can be beneficial if you wish to input a particular place of legal practice – consisting of crook law or family law.

LLM programmes also can benefit careers in different fields. If you work in commercial enterprise or control, for instance, you may gain from a know-how of relevant monetary and company law.

Some universities provide LLM stages along with a Legal Practice Course (LPC). The LPC is an essential step on the way to becoming a qualified solicitor and has a extra vocational cognizance than the LLM. Read our manual to the Legal Practice Course for more records.

What are the access requirements for an LLM?
Most candidates applying for an LLM may have an present Law diploma. This will be an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) or a postgraduate Law conversion course along with a CPE or GDL.

Some universities offer LLM ranges together with Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) schooling guides. Introduced in September 2021, the SQE is an vital step at the manner to turning into a qualified solicitor and has a extra vocational awareness than the LLM. Read our guide to the SQE for extra statistics.

LLM programmes aren’t conversion guides
Though you’ll be able to take a look at a Law Masters without an undergraduate Law degree, the LLM received’t qualify you professionally. If you wish to emerge as a lawyer as a postgraduate, you should keep in mind registering for the SQE.

Which nations award LLM levels?
The LLM is a commonplace international degree, however programmes vary barely among nations.

Historically the LLM is associated with Anglophone (English-language) university structures along with the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In these international locations the LLM is an educational Masters degree, as defined on this page.

LLM levels and their equivalents are also provided in different higher education structures, global:

In Europe the LLM is being recognised via the Bologna Process. Its popularity and motive can range however. Some international locations award their personal Masters-stage Law qualifications. These may be academic programmes (similar to the LLM) or they’ll form a part of a professional training process.
In Asia the LLM is becoming extra popular as universities undertake common western stages. Most of these programmes are educational, in preference to professional.
Studying an LLM overseas
As an educational diploma, the LLM is often highly transferrable. Whereas expert qualifications generally tend to relate to precise judicial structures, the criminal theory studied on an LLM can be greater extensively applicable.

This makes the LLM an appealing alternative for postgraduate examine abroad. Some programmes take more benefit of this through focussing on worldwide topics inclusive of global business, tax or human rights regulation.


The LLM – global variants
The conventional LLM degree is an Anglo-American qualification. Other international locations may additionally award their personal Masters levels in Law and those may have slightly distinctive titles. Generally, if a programme awards an educational Masters in place of a professional qualification, it will be equal to an LLM.

Who should look at an LLM?
Though you may anticipate that an LLM has restricted use outside of Law, the academic cognizance of those programmes could make them notably bendy.

At its middle a Master of Laws offers you the possibility to accumulate advanced know-how of criminal concept – and to pursue especially specialised components of it.

This can be precious in case you are:

Considering a profession in Law – Combined with appropriate expert qualifications, an LLM could make you extra appealing to law firms and different recruiters. Specialised publications also can can help you enter branches of prison practice for which greater wellknown candidates might not be as nicely geared up. If you understand which you desire to end up a solicitor or barrister – and feature the time and sources to complete a further diploma – an LLM can be an awesome funding for your profession.
Looking to specialize in felony practice – You don’t want to be a fresh graduate so that it will take a look at a Master of Laws. Many students on LLM programmes are already certified solicitors or other legal specialists. Returning to postgraduate examine can allow you to department out into specific areas of criminal idea and exercise, or ‘upskill’ yourself in training for extra senior roles. LLM courses commonly provide part-time or distance mastering options to fit operating experts.

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